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London and Essex business including delivery, collection and cleaning.

Contract Bath Towel Hire Prices

Towel hire prices below are based on one delivery/collection a week, for Two deliveries a week an additional 15% would be added plus an additional delivery charge. For 600gsm bath towels please add approximately 25%.

Eg. 500 x Bath towels (500gsm) per week @ .58p each

Eg. 400 x Bath towels (500gsm) per week @ .60p each

Eg. 300 x Bath towels (500gsm) per week @ .65p each

Eg. 200 x Bath towels (500gsm) per week @ .70p each

Eg. 100 x Bath towels (500gsm) per week @ .87p each

Eg.  50 x Bath towels (500gsm) per week @ £1.54 each

minimum charge £90.00 per week.

All prices above are subject to VAT.

The prices above includes the supply of towels and also includes a once a week clean, swapping over your soiled towels for clean towels. We supply each customer with the equivalent of 2.2 weeks of towel usage as their stock, we then come once a week swapping over the used towels for clean towels that we had collected from you the week before.

The towel hire prices quoted above are based on a 2 year contract and does not include delivery and collection, please send us your details to see if you qualify for free delivery or for us to send you an accurate quotation.

Contract towel hire, how it works.

(Example below is based on a customer using 400 x 500gsm towels on a once a week delivery and collection basis).

1. On our 1st delivery we would deliver 480 towels ( this is 400 that you are expecting to use plus an additional 80 for any over expected usage. We will only charge for 400 unless any extra are used.

2. On our 2nd delivery we would deliver 400 towels . ( the same applies to section 1 on spares and charges). You now have 880 towels in total stock.

3. On our 2nd delivery we would also collect the towels that you have used over the previous week ready for the following weeks delivery.

4. On our 3rd delivery we would return any towels collected the previous week and also collect your towels ready for the next week. We would only charge for 400 towels unless you used more than the 400. The 80 towels are never charged for unless these are used.

5. From now on we return the towels that were collected the week before at the same time collect your soiled towels to clean in time for the next weeks delivery. 

6. Invoices are done ahead at the beginning of each month for that month. Our credit terms are 30 days from date of invoice.

7. On 400 towels a week we would replace up to 20 towels a month ( 5% of your expected weekly usage) FOC that are either missing or damaged, any over 20 would be charged to the customer @ £5.58 per bath towel.

8. All our towels are supplied on a designated stock basis ( meaning these will be just for your use not a pool stock of all different customers)

9. All standard bath towels are 100% cotton 67cm x 130cm and 500gsm in weight, 0.42kg in overall weight, We can supply any other size and weight of towel at the customers request.

10. All laundry bags are supplied by us which will have a label with your company name on. This is at no extra cost to the customer.

11. Bath towels are delivered 30 in a bag, please put 30 in a bag when returning them, then we will always have enough bags to return the towels back to you the following week.

12. At the beginning of the month we would issue an invoice. If the delivery has 24hr access and is in an area that we already deliver to it would be free of charge, if this is not the case there will be a small charge to cover our costs. The invoice would be for 400 towels @ 60p each x 4.33333 weeks for a calendar month. Any additional towels used over the 400 would be charged on the day of delivery.


Supplying and cleaning fresh towels for London's showers.


 Examples of Present customers                Price       Delivery
 100 x
 200 x  £7.50
 500 x  free

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Our delivery service now covers Bristol, London, Cambridge, Essex, Surrey, Slough, Windsor, St Albans, Epsom, Croydon, Uxbridge, Epping,Great Yarmouth, Bournemouth, brighton, Blackpool, Manchester, Leeds, Exeter, Colchester, Brentwood, Chelmsford, Westminster Ans as far as Leeds and Bradford. 

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